Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The last week here is at its halfway point.  It really does not seem like we have been here this long.  I will miss it very much, but more importantly I will miss the people.

Sunday, after preaching (with an interpreter) I jumped in with brother Salvador's group to check on congregations in Negros Oriental.  We went back down to Bago where we had a HUGE meal, which included lechon (whole roasted pig) and they sang happy birthday to me.  As I have said again and again, the people here are so friendly.

Monday, we went to the Lalimar Resort, a modest but very nice beach-side resort that only cost about 40 USD.  We had lunch there where I had the best fillet Mignon I have ever had.  That evening, there was an appreciation banquet for those who have volunteered to help rebuild Negros after the devastating earthquake.  Pictures will be up ASAP, but yet again I am at an internet cafe and cannot upload pictures.

At the end of the banquet we had a meeting with the volunteers, where I was called on to speak via the on-the-spot method.  That's okay though.  I whipped out some ancient FFA impromptu techniques.  What I said was truly from the heart though.  Up until this point, I was always proud to be 25% Filipino.  I mean hey, who wouldn't be when you get minority scholarships?  However, the more time I spend here and the more I get to know people the more pride I am filled with that even a portion of my blood has been blessed by God and is Pinoy.

We spent all day yesterday traveling (with the help of our "tour guide" brother Orwen Emperado). We stopped in Ormoc to eat with one of Danny's former students and his family who was very friendly (no surprise).  Today I will be snorkeling.  Then, this evening Danny and I will be holding a Gospel meeting here in Bato, Leyte.  Afterward, we will be going to Obay,  Bohol.  There we will check with the congregation there and most likely have a meeting or teach in some way.

I do not know all of the details of this week, but Friday or Saturday should land us in Lapu Lapu, Cebu to stay with brother Salvador again.  We will worship in Cebu and then fly out for Hong Kong Sunday night, stay there until our flight late Monday morning, and land in Chicago on Monday via CST.

Continue to keep us in your prayers, and may Dios bless you!

In Him,

Audie Cherry

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  1. I am glad you enjoyed your stay here. Thank you so much for all the help to my countrymen. May God bless you and your group.