Friday, June 1, 2012

Well.. Happy birthday to me; today, and tomorrow!

This morning I received cupcakes made from ground rice.  Yesterday we ventured into the mountains of Negros; where an earthquake hit in Fe3b.  the whole island is trying to rebuild.  Some are still living in tents made from bamboo and tarps.  It is truly sad.  On the bright side, congregational attendance is around 100 in these small communities.

We met a widow who was a member of the church with a son who has had cancer since he was 18 and was paralyzed.  The church there was building her a new house and getting him a wheelchair so they could attend worship again.  It was a very emotional experience.  These people literally have to start over from nothing.

I also traveled up to a mountain village that has a house with a family of 7 orphans.  We had some singing in Cebuano (or Visaya, same thing) and I had an encouraging devotional with them via the translation of bro. Orwen, who is a famous rapper in the Philippines.  Afterwards, I led a prayer in broken Cebuano and English.  The children were very happy and thankful.  Their story is remarkable!  If you want to know it please let me know.  I will post it at a later date for the sake of time, but I can share it with you personally.

Thursday, or Wednesday in the states, we viewed other earthquake damage.  Churches are trying to be rebuilt.  The great thing about the Philippines, is everyone comes together.  Americans do after disasters, but the people here are never not together.  It is such an inspiration.

I think this journey has put my thoughts and heart here.  I want to gedt a masters here and I will be planning on a trip back in December to help Sunrise Christian College and the agriculture work there and of bro. Salvador.  (So if you could help support that would be incredible).  After I graduate, I am considering teaching for a period of time.  God has done wondrous things here and for me, but there is still much to be done for the Master.

I will try to write again ASAP.  Sorry for no pictures, I am at an internet cafe.  Keep us in your prayers and "sa Dios ang himaya" (to God be the glory).

God Bless!

In Him,

Audie Cherry

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