Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wilderness Adventure

Last night Danny and I stayed at Salvador Cariaga's camp in a village.  We started bright and early at 5 o'clock and went for a hike, using a machete to cut our way through.  After a long walk we get to a cave where a natural spring runs through and supplies the village with fresh clean water.  The cave was deep enough they had a leaf blower connected to tubing so you could have oxygen once you got to the cistern.  

After a much easier, but less fun, walk back we had a vinegar taste contest with Danny as the judge.  Needless to say, he kept them entertained.  Afterwards, we had lunch; goat, rice, vegetables.. oh and goat intestines.  It was very good!  Additionally, they presented Danny and I with Philippine flags and shirts.  It was an honor to be there.  

Salvador has an operation in which he uses goats to help break the cycle of poverty in the Philippines.  He teaches them how to maximize their livelihood with goats; using their milk for drinking and other products, their horns to make crafts and sell, the meat, the skins for clothing and various other uses.  Being an agriculturalist, I was fascinated by what he has the people doing.  He has the whole village using goats and then harvesting earth worms and composting.  There are simply too much details to go over in this blog.  He has transformed a rocky mountain terrain into a bountiful farming area.

Salvador teaches people to be self-sustaining.  He gives them goats and once their goat has kids, they split them with the farmer so that each person gets one goat.  This gets them on their feet and prevents him from losing too much money.  It is a great practice.  The influence and the methods of which he gains influence are phenomenal.  I cannot say enough how impressed I am.

You can check out some of the things he does (and I suggest you do) check out the following links:

Tonight we are staying at his house in Cebu and heading to Negros at 4:00 am to catch the ferry.  Once there Danny and I will start our journey once again, with Jenjan.  Jenjan will be with us until Saturday, June 2nd.... also my BIRTHDAY!!!

Nonetheless, keep us in your prayers and some updates will come when possible. 

God Bless!
In Him,

Audie Cherry

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