Thursday, May 12, 2016

Updates on My Parents - May 12th, 2016

Posts from Thursday, May 12:

4 hrs ·

Alright.. I don't have their permission to do this, but oh well...

First, Dad is doing really well and Mom is also told that she is too good for ICU, so right now we are just waiting for a room on Dad's floor to open up and be available.

Second, Dad got to get in a wheel chair (with a little help) and I wheeled him down to Mom's room where we let them spend about an hour and a half alone together. smile emoticon

Third, the part I don't have permission for (at least not from both parties lol)... Take a look:

Is God not incredible?! A week ago I couldn't see them without being sick, and now they look this good.

12 hrs ·

Our own strength is nothing compared to our weakness made whole in Christ.

It was a good night. Aunt Paula Cherry Montgomery stayed with Mom and I stayed with Dad. Both slept well. Dad had a full breakfast and mom had a Heath bar. Both are doing well. Mom's voice is returning and she's a lot stronger. I'll share more when I get a chance. Thank you everyone!

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