Friday, May 13, 2016

Updates on My Parents - May 13th, 2016

Updates from May 13th - one week from the accident.

1 hr ·

Mom and Dad just had some time to themselves. Mom wanted to surprise Dad when she moved, but she was just too wore out by the time they got her up there and she had physical therapy earlier. 1900 rolled around and she was ready to go see him again, but they brought dad since.... They were cleaning out his room to move him to a bigger one that's closer to mom. They're hoping soon, mom can move closer to him. They're only a hallway from each other, so it's not too bad, but I know they want to be even closer. Here's some more good news from therapy: Dad walked about 6 feet and back with a walker. He is also able to use his bad arm a lot more than I anticipated. Keep up the prayers and God will keep being glorified!

3 hrs ·

I have a good report smile emoticon Mom got moved to the same floor as Dad. Not only that, but she was able to stand up (with the help of some machine thing-yeah, don't ask) in therapy. Dad has also continually improved. God is working so much in their lives. It's incredible how he cares for us and how he answers prayer. I'm telling you, if you do not believe- you should. This many details in my parents' favor and the Creator isn't watching? I'm calling bologna. God is so good!

13 hrs ·

Thank God it's Friday? Thank God we woke up to another day in His creation.

Mom is getting restless waiting to move up to Dad's floor. She's in a chair already this morning. Dad slept so good last night. They're both in pain and have their struggles, but it is so clear that prayers are being answered and God is watching over them. Keep praying and may God keep answering. Thank you!

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