Saturday, May 14, 2016

Updates on My Parents - May 14th, 2016

Updates (with links) from May 14th:

2 hrs ·

Today has been a good and busy day. Mom and Dad had several visitors :) You can really tell how much it encourages them. In terms of progress, Dad used the walker to go to the bathroom again and is using his left hand tremendously well. Mom was able to use her walker to go to the bedside toilet. She's really improving as well. Mom came to visit Dad earlier in the day and spent about an hour and a half. Then, Dad went to Mom's room for dinner. They're doing so well. Please continue to pray for them. I'm beyond thankful to God for his love and strength!

15 hrs ·

Humility is something God often finds ways to teach us. We should look to His Son for the best example.

Good morning! Mom and Dad slept well. One of the Drs. that helped in their surgeries (THE guy for amputations) came in and talked to them and redressed their legs. The healing just in the last 24 hrs has been good. I'll spare you the pictures, but they're looking better- still rough with a long way to heal, but better. The Dr. told them they need to be trying to straighten their legs and working the knee. Mom's upper leg injuries were pretty nasty, so she's a little behind Dad, but doing well. Dad, even after a knee reconstruction, is able to bend his knee. Oh, and he got up and went to the bathroom with his walker last night. I'm just simply amazed at God's grace and mercy!

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