Monday, May 16, 2016

Updates on My Parents - May 16th, 2016

Here are the updates from today. Click on the times to visit the Facebook post.

1 hr ·

Good evening everyone. I'll start by saying it would be a lie if I said the last couple of days haven't been tough. However, it would also be a lie if I didn't tell you that the progress made in the last couple of days supersedes the previous. Mom and Dad have been worn out, they've been stressed out, but most of all, so many have been prayed out, and for that we cannot say thank you enough. Hearing of people praying multiple times daily, waking up in the night to pray, the tears shed, money sent, and the visits, cards, etc. have all been, without a doubt, the most humbling thing we have seen. Personally, I'm in awe of the love so many of you have shared. Thank you, thank you, thank you! To God be the glory.he has truly been glorified through these times.

Mom and Dad have decided to do rehabilitation here at Mission Hospital for several reasons. We anticipate another couple of weeks here, but we look forward to their great recovery, as they both have been doing great! Dad is getting more independent without the wound vac in his skin graft, and Mom is slowly able to do a lot more. She's having a little more trouble getting going as fast because she has more upper leg trauma and some back trauma, but she is pushing strong and both have GREAT attitudes!

It's funny how I've grown up and seen how strong my parents are, seen their marriage, and so on, but it's not until times like this I've truly seen how strong they are together. I pray that I will have a marriage in which my partner is so dedicated to me and where we find strength, as my parents do, in one another. I'm so thankful for my parents, and I'm beyond proud to call them my parents.

Now, I have a couple of pictures that I'll probably share tomorrow, but this is my end-of-the-day update and Bobbie Mackey Puckett challenged me to top last night's, so here you go (used without permission to post or to record lol):

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13 hrs ·

God never gives up on us, let's never give up on God.

Mom and Dad both had restless nights, but they seem to be feeling alright this morning. Both of them are almost weaned off of pain meds simply because they hate them. Mom has had an x-ray on her back to see how her brace is helping. Dad and I are trying to handle the fun "business" side of things today. Please continue to pray and please pray things work out best for rehab and logistics in getting them home and back to their lives. Thank you! And please, please don't forget to thank God for how great they are doing!

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