Sunday, May 15, 2016

Updates on My Parents - May 15th, 2016

Updates from May 15th:

3 mins ·

A long and busy day is drawing to an end. I have no doubt that Mom and Dad are worn out, but I also, more than that, have no doubt the the King of kings and the Lord of lords is alive today. Their progress is just beyond anything I could have hoped for. Honestly, this morning was a little tough on both of them, but they both got to go to the cafeteria and then outside and spend the day together. As soon as all of this got to going their spirits transformed. They are so strong and I know that together they are even stronger, and with God they are strong enough to overcome whatever darts satan has thrown. Today has been long and probably exhausting, but today was a milestone; I pick-me-up; an awakening to their support and strength in one another. I could update you on progress.. Mom's transfers, Dad standing and brushing his teeth himself, but I want you to see this more than anything:

7 hrs ·

Guess who got to get out today....

14 hrs ·

The tough times help us appreciate the great times, and help us recognize the blessings and hope offered in Christ.

Happy Sunday. Mom was pretty restless last night and Dad slept fairly well. Both are getting tired of being in a bed, but both are still doing exceptionally well given the circumstances. Please continue to pray, as will I, and I hope you take the time to worship God in spirit and in truth this morning! He is worthy!

Here's a pic from yesterday. Both are worn out, but it was good to see friends.

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